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NeoIDM is an IoT platform for managing IoT devices based on the international standard LwM2M.
It can be applied in various IoT scenario development as it is designed to easily simulate heterogeneous equipment, low-end sensors and gateways.

IoT project challenges & risks to consider

The challenge of the IoT projects is how to establish a reliable and secure connection to the backend-solution for transmitting and exchanging remote instrumentation data.


Connection of heterogeneous equipment and standard protocols

The purpose of establishing IoT services in an enterprise may vary depending on the industry, in general, the selection of wired and wireless communication methods and protocols, sensors and gateways is a critical decision.
After selecting a wireless network such as UART, Z-Wave, Zigbee or Wi-Fi, Simple data transmission requires protocols for data transmission such as MQTT, AMQP, and HTTP. For control of terminals, OMA-DM, TR-069, and LwM2M protocols are required.

LwM2M (Lightweight M2M), which was established as a standard in OMA (Open Mobile Alliance), is a typical protocol that can simultaneously perform data transmission and terminal control.
When transmitting data to the LwM2M, devices such as sensors have a limitation on the computation power and the battery, so the IETF has established the CoAP standard as a message protocol that can overcome limits of these.
OneM2M, one of the representative IoT standards organizations, has adopted CoAP and LwM2M as standards for efficiently managing multiple devices.

LwM2M compared to Standard Device Management Protocols

  LwM2M OMA-DM TR-069
Feature IoT Standard for Device Management Mobile Device Device Management Standard in ADSL
App Data Support Supported Unsupported Unsupported
Type of Device Sensor Node Mobile Device Gateway STP Gateway
Payload Binary or JSON XML XML
Security Channel DTLS TLS TLS

Key Features

Service Architecture

Hancom MDS provides IoT Integration construction and consulting service to enable data collection and device control for heterogeneous devices.
Integrating IoT service element such as sensor communication, Network infra, Big data and Cloud with the existing system, MDS provides efficient and intelligent end to end solution.

Application Field

LwM2M supports resources to enable system integration and remote monitoring for various type of IoT devices. It also can be applied to diverse fields such as Smart Home, Smart Parking, Remote Metering, Remote H/W management, Vehicle Remote Diagnosis and monitoring of the environment.

Device Management Platform "NeoIDM" - Hancom MDS


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