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NEOS™ RTOS is a real-time OS for safety-critical and highly reliable embedded systems, which is developed by Hancom MDS as its own design. NEOS RTOS is the Asian leading safety-critical RTOS product that is fully compliant as DO-178B Level A V&V by DER.. It has been already embedded in various commercial products, and deployed in millions of productions. And also the reliability of NEOS has been proven by our customers’ real projects.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Multi-thread Kernel
  • - Real-time threads with POSIX thread options
  • - Fast and deterministic context-switching time
  • Rich Inter-threads Communication
  • - Mutex
  • - Semaphore (Counting and Binary)
  • - Message Queue
  • - Event Flag
  • - Software Timer
  • Pre-emptive Real-time Scheduling
  • - Fixed priority based pre-emptive scheduling
  • - FIFO (or round-robin) scheduling within same priority level
  • - 256 priority level
  • - Prevention of priority inversion
  • Scalable and Modular Structure
  • - Target image configuration with configurator
  • - Dynamic loading and execution of applications and kernel module
  • - User-defined kernel extension framework
  • Fast and Flexible Interrupt Handling
  • - Minimal interrupt latency
  • - Multiple interrupt handler registration for single interrupt source (Interrupt Chain)
  • POSIX Standard API Add-on (POSIX 1003.13 PSE52)
  • - POSIX 1
  • - POSIX 1b (real-time extension)
  • - POSIX 1c (pthread)
  • - POSIX 2/2a (file system)
  • Easy to port
  • - Minimal hardware dependent layer and easy adaptation



  • Supported Processor Cores
  • - PowerPC variants
  • - ARM7, ARM9, ARM11
  • - Cortex A8/9, Cortex M3/4
  • - SH-Mobile
  • - i386 compatibles
  • Development Environment
  • - Windows XP/7/8
  • - Eclipse open platform / CDT

Major Customer

NEOS RTOS has been applied in various embedded systems such as mobile phone, Hi-pass transportation system, medical equipment, T-50 trainer aircraft, etc. because of its reliability and robust features

Leading Safety-Critical RTOS of Asia that is compliant as DO-178B Level A.

  • DO-178B: Software considerations in airborne systems and equipment certification
  • - Technical standard establishes uniform technical criteria and practices to determine whether the software will perform safely and reliably, in an airborne environment
  • - Provide Certification Data Kit as DVD
  • - Process-based consulting and V&V services
  • DO-178B Process

  • Software Criticality Level
  • Software traceability
  • - It must be traceable from the requirements to quality management.
  • Reliable Project Process
  • - Assure safety and the best quality through independent verification and testing
  • - Reduce regression time by test automation
  • - Reduce maintenance time
  • - Enable Re-usable software strategy

Target Market & Plan

  • Safety-critical devices
  • Aerospace, Military, Medical device, Automobile etc.


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